There is no justice in the world, no jastice at all.
the bad guys always win because, they make the law.
conditions are set, everything is like bevor.
and if their system doesn't work, thy gonna start a war.

1. Strophe
the war crimes are forgotten. the victims doesn't matter.
the humans showed one more time, that the world doesn't get better.
neither in the lies which they tell us, nor in the values I can trust in the dust of imperialism of the western states.
wich tell me every day, that they believe in human rights, but they committing at the same time war crimes,
they walk in the same lines, like the leaders of former times.

There is no justice in the world.
there is no, no justice at all.

2. Strophe
the product has been bought, who produced it doesnt matter.
you think you can't make the world better. because you belive in the lies which they tell us..... bald mehr