Pt. 3


The second veil
The veil of the abyss
Once til I saw
flashed from afar
the hawks eye and the silver star
peace to all beings
peace to thee
cohering of my
The palace of the dying
The palace of the Kings
The palace of our Demons
The palace deep within
One doubt remains
how will we find
the flesh to our bones
before we die
The hydra is killed
and comes back to life
we ´re nailed to the grave
we set out to fly
our faces deformed
we pray for compliance
accquittal for death
but sentenced to life
ordeal of our mind
torture and wine
you won´t feel a thing
as we decline
veil of the abyss
veil on my mind
veil on my time
for master (how subtly)
Master, how subtly hast thou drawn
The daylight from the Golden Dawn,
Bidden the Cavernous Mount unfold
Its Ruby Rose, its Cross of Gold;
Until I saw, flashed from afar,
The Hawk's eye in the Silver Star!
Peace to all beings. Peace to thee,
Co-heir of mine eternity!